5-Star Trip Advisor: “Gravity Defying – Master Jedis”

Localfann, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My husband had heard how great this pizza place was in Chicago. I was up to ride and hungry for some great pizza. I was shocked by how great this place is …seriously! The choices that are ready to eat had me drooling. When I noticed the local cops and city workers that stopped in for lunch – I knew we hit the jackpot. It is very casual so do not get dressed up. You can not be dissatisfied because it is a treasure and I wish it was in Wisconsin.

Matthew C

What a wonderful little nearly hole in the wall place. As soon as you walk in you’re treated to a stack of awards and write up ups, not to mention the smell of fresh pies enrobing your nostrils with their beautiful aroma – Like Channel #9 of pizza.
The pizza is truly an art form. There is no godly way for that much stuffing to be held against the force of gravity and not showing an inch of sag.

I’m pretty sure Yoda is holed up in the back using the force to keep the structure.
The we enjoyed the loaded and pep and sausage…. both were loaded across the entire 2.5″ of thickness with really mozzarella slices covering everything in a safety cheese blanket.

Don’t eat anywhere else – we waited 45 min in rush hour traffic on the interstate just to get to this place.
It’s worth the investment to Art.