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Amazing meat lovers pizza, already made so you don’t have to wait if all you want is a slice. At first the price for one deep dish slice caught me off guard, but it was worth it because it was more filling than I expected. Took a friend from out of town there and she loved it as well!
Amazing deep dish pizza! Stuffed crust with veggies and a moist base. Plus they have slices that is best for single person and smaller meals.
Small neighborhood takeaway and with a few tables, pizza, salads, subs. The deep dish or “stuffed” is excellent, particularly the spinach and the special. The salads are also surprisingly good. Definitely would recommend.
Wife and I were in town for a concert and randomly came across this place while walking around our hotel. It was amazing thick crust. Highly recommend, a place we will seek out again.
Best pizza in the whole city! I have been going to The Art of Pizza up on Ashland for about 5 years or so. From the first bite I took of the deep dish sausage, I immediately knew this was a special deep dish pizza. Since then, I have tried Giordano’s, Uno’s, Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, and countless other places. None of those places hold a candle to The Art of Pizza. Believe me when I say that The Art of Pizza houses the best deep dish pizza in the city and since Chi-Town is the deep dish mecca, the best deep dish pizza in the world. Do yourself a favor and stop by. On top of that, you don’t have to wait 45 minutes to eat like at the other spots.

One recommendation to the manager though as far as the State St. location is concerned. You may want to consider getting a few more staff. Your staff are great! I just noticed when I went in to this location, the line got a bit long and I saw someone walk out because of it.

Hands down best pizza in Chicago!!

Hands down best pizza in Chicago!! Get the meaty delight!

Review originally from Google Review. William Chan ★★★★★

Best pizza in town! Deep dish by the slice

Best pizza in town! Deep dish by the slice